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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Most Soulful Shot of the Season?

Gary Sheffield has been off to a slow start, like many of his Tigers teammates, but they've somehow managed to remain well above .500 and within a couple games of the division-leading Indians. If you want to see the picture-perfect way to break out of a slump and pick up your team, head over to ESPN or, or whatever your favorite baseball video archive, and check out Sheffield's game-winning blast on Monday night. Sheffield was pegged by Daniel Cabrera for the second time in as many games earlier in the evening, clearly as a response to Bonderman throwing at Miguel Tejada. The benches cleared, but there were no fisticuffs and no ejections. Sheffield quietly headed down to first after his beaning. Then, in the fifth, with a man on, and the game tied at three, Sheffield murdered a Cabrera fastball. Sheffield's swing is always violent and his batspeed is infamous, but he put a little something extra into this one, as though he wanted something to admire as he walked leisurely towards first base. After the game he quoted Dave Parker, "When you hit one like that, you deserve a look."

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