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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hot Stove Kisses & Curses

It has been, as predicted, a very exciting offseason. Besides a few mega-signings (A-Rod first and foremost), there has been a plethora of blockbuster trades, deals involving heaping handfuls of talent and certifiable superstars. It may not be over yet, with the Twins still shopping Johan Santana and several players fates - Joe Nathan, Joe Blanton, A. J. Burnett, and Erik Bedard, to name a few - possibly intertwined with that of the two-time Cy Young winner. Not to mention, of course, that by April guys like Mike Cameron, Carlos Silva, Livan Hernandez, Kyle Lohse, and Corey Patterson will definitely have found their way onto somebody's roster. The White Sox will have to decide what to do with Joe Crede. The Red Sox will have to decide what to do with Coco Crisp. The Cardinals will have to decide what to do with Scott Rolen. And, the Padres will need to put somebody in left, the Phillies will need to put somebody in center, the Rockies will need to play somebody at second, and the Astros and Mariners will have to have a couple somebodies (a.k.a. warm bodies) to trot out to the mound at the end of the week. Much could happen between now and then, however, we can assume that the majority of deals have been done and we know that the majority of impact free agents have been signed, so, as of yet, of the active franchises, here are the biggest winners and losers, in my opinion, and, perhaps most interesting, those teams for whom it will take at least a season to decide.


Chicago Cubs - prospects for Jacque Jones, Craig Monroe, Will Ohman, and Omar Infante; free agents Kosuke Fukudome and Kerry Wood

Chicago White Sox - Orlando Cabrera and Carlos Quentin for Jon Garland and prospect; free agents Scott Linebrink and Juan Uribe

Milwaukee Brewers - Guillermo Mota for Johnny Estrada; free agents Eric Gagne, David Riske, and Jason Kendall

Washington Nationals - Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes for Ryan Church, Brian Schneider, and prospect; free agent Paul Lo Duca

Minnesota Twins - Delmon Young, Brendan Harris, Craig Monroe, and Jason Pridie for Matt Garza, Jason Bartlett, and prospects; free agent Adam Everett

Boston Red Sox - free agents Mike Lowell and Mike Timlin

Detroit Tigers - Miguel Cabrera, Edgar Renteria, Dontrelle Willis, and Jacque Jones for Cameron Maybin, Andrew Miller, Jair Jurrjens, Omar Infante, and five prospects; free agent Kenny Rogers


San Francisco Giants - free agent Aaron Rowand

Colorado Rockies - free agent Luis Vizcaino and Yorbit Torrealba

Atlanta Braves - Jair Jurrjens, Josh Anderson, and prospects for Edgar Renteria and prospects; free agent Tom Glavine

Houston Astros - Miguel Tejada and Jose Valverde for Luke Scott, Chad Qualls, Chris Burke, and five prospects; free agent Kaz Matsui


Arizona Diamondbacks - Dan Haren, Chad Qualls, Chris Burke, and prospects for Jose Valverde, Carlos Gonzalez, and prospects

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