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Monday, June 21, 2010

BBA All-Star Ballot

I posted some All-Star Voting suggestions earlier this month.  However, in the lead-up to the break, BBA member are awarding their own All-Star nominations and things have definitely changed since the beginning of June, so here's an updated selection:

American League:

C - Joe Mauer (Twins)
1B - Miguel Cabrera (Tigers)
2B - Robinson Cano (Yankees)
3B - Evan Longoria (Rays)
SS - Elvis Andrus (Rangers)
LF - Carl Crawford (Rays)
CF - Alex Rios (White Sox) 
RF - Josh Hamilton (Rangers)
DH - David Ortiz (Red Sox)
SP - David Price (Rays)

National League:

C - Miguel Olivo (Rockies)
1B - Albert Pujols (Cardinals)
2B - Brandon Phillips (Reds)
3B - Ryan Zimmerman (Nationals)
SS - Hanley Ramirez (Marlins)
LF - Josh Willingham (Nationals)
CF - Andrew McCutchen (Pirates)
RF - Corey Hart (Brewers)
DH - Joey Votto (Reds)
SP - Ubaldo Jimenez (Rockies)

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