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Friday, March 18, 2011

Fantastic Thoughts On Tout Wars

The Sporting Hippeaux is on the road.  I'll be live-blogging from the Tout Wars Mixed-League Auction tomorrow afternoon at the official Tout Wars website.

Next week you can look for a couple posts about the auction, the results, and commentary from some of the participants.

The 2011 season is near.


Blair said...

Been trying to log on to the Tout Wars page to see what's going on, but the page is down. Hopefully it'll be up in time to read updates!

Hippeaux said...

I think the site was up and running in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the wireless at MLBAM was not fully functional and a shortage of outlets and cords meant I wasn't able to add my commentary. However, I will be posting about the auction next week.

Blair said...

Yeah, too bad your commentary didn't make it on. I had the blog stream running in the background while I worked, and it seemed pretty chaotic. Nonetheless, probably a very cool experience.