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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hippeaux is Taking His Talents to...the Yankees!?!

After four seasons covering MLB with my own proprietary blend of sabermetrics, soul, and baseball humanism, I'm abandoning the neon and black.  Generating traffic in the blogosphere is no easy feat and I'm proud of the extent to which the SPH has grown.  I'm thankful to all those who have read, commented, and corresponded with me.  My writing and analysis have improved by virtue of this outlet and your feedback.  I look forward to our continued discussion of all things baseball.  However, it will be aided by a new venue.

Jason Rosenberg and his staff at It's About The Money have been kind enough to welcome me onboard.  Without the responsibility for single-handedly keeping a site functional and up-to-date, I hope my posts will be more consistently inventive...though they will also be considerably less frequent (right now I'm aiming for a weekly schedule).

Yes, IIATMS is a Yankee-centric blog, complete with a Yankee Stadium masthead and a pseudo-pinstriped design, so I understand that those readers fond of my spiteful rants about Jeter, A-Rod, and the rest of the Evil Empire may be disappointed by the new digs.  Get over it.  IIATMS is about much more than just the Yankees these days.  In truth, as its title suggests, it always has been.  In recent weeks, Larry Behrendt's multi-part series on the 2011 payroll numbers has provided a variety of insights into the game's constantly evolving fiscal structure.  Josh Weinstock recently wrote an analysis of Phil Hughes' curveball which not only sets a high bar for sabermetric research, but also offers fascinating insight into the psychology of a young, struggling pitcher.  Brien Jackson attacks the conventional wisdom of "pitching to contact" through the specific example of Francisco Liriano.  Chip Buck expanded upon his observations by looking a contact rates.  And, as my first contribution to IIATMS, I added my two cents.  I love this stuff and I'm proud to be party to it.

The Sporting Hippeaux will remain up (if for no other reason, so I can access my own archives) and I may occasionally post a rant if I don't think it's appropriate to the tenor of my new home, but in all likelihood, this could be my final post.  It's been a blast.

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