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Thursday, September 08, 2011

"Is WAR the new RBI?" Link Dump

I've had some requests from friends, old and new, to link to all the various places where my "Is WAR the new RBI?" post at IIATMS was constructively critiqued, lambasted, debated, and/or lionized.  Over at IIATMS, we are moving on and I won't be writing any more on the subject in the near future.  After all, the postseason is nearly upon us.  So, I'll post the link dump here.  After all, considering SPH hasn't been updated for six months, if you're here, this is probably the reason (traffic shot up just a touch this week).    Beware, I'm creating a timesuck.  If you plan to read all the digital ink spilled on this subject, especially in the comments and message boards, you better make yourself comfortable.  If you come across something else I should look at/add, let me know.

"Is WAR the new RBI"? - Hippeaux

"The Limits of WAR or Ben Zobrist Isn't Really a Superstar?" - Rob Neyer, SB Nation

"WAR is Not the New RBI (but It Has Its Own Flaws)" - William J., Yankee Analysts

"'WAR doesn't work'" - Tangotiger, Inside the Book

"What WAR is...what WAR is not" - Tangotiger

"In Defense of the Royal 'We'" - Hippeaux

"WAR is a good, imperfect, idea" - Brien, IIATMS

"Legitimacy" - Mark Smith, IIATMS

"UZR bias by FB%" - Tangotiger

"To Hippeaux" - Tangotiger

"A Critique of WAR" - Craig Calceterra, NBC Hardball Talk

"In Defense of WAR" - Bryan O'Connor, Replacement Level Baseball Blog

"Finally, a Stat Guy Challenges the Power of WAR" - The Big Lead

"Link: Is WAR the new RBI?" - ESPN SweetSpot Blog

"WAR Not All It's Cracked Up To Be?" - Rob Castellano, Amazin' Avenue

"Going to WAR over...assumptions vs. science" - jemanji, Seattle Sports Insider

"Should Defense by More Consistent than Offense?" - Sean Forman, Baseball Reference

"WAR Back in the News" - Bill Baer, Crashburn Alley

"WAR CRITIQUE" - Baseball Musings

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Baseball Think Factory

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Anonymous said...

Neyer reels it back a little.

Anonymous said...

even at wsj?

Hitting drills said...

Is “war” the new rbi?

Never. Rbi’s still have it’s place in articulating the results of a power hitter....

Anonymous said...

bat speed said...

what ever happened to the B.A and O.B.P????